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Julia Warga
Olin Library, Room 316
Research and Reference Desk Hours:
Mondays 10am-Noon
Tuesdays 10am- Noon
Thursdays 3pm-5pm
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Karen Greever
Reference Desk:
Tue: 1pm - 3pm
Wed: 6pm - 9pm
Also available by appointment
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Using Film in the Classroom

Bird, S. Elizabeth and Jonathan Goodwin. Film in the Undergraduate Anthropology Classroom: Applying Audience Response Research in Pedagogical Practice. Anthropology and Education Quarterly 2006 27(3): 285-299.

Blackaby, Linda. In Focus: a guide to Using Films. New York: New York Zoetrope, c1980. (available from OhioLink)

Burton, C. Emory. Sociology and the Feature Film. Teaching Sociology 1988 16(3): 263-271.

Champoux, Joseph E. Animated Films as a Teaching Resource. Journal of Management Education 2001 25(1): 79-100. Online version available

-----. Film as a Teaching Resource. Journal of Management Inquiry 1999 8(2): 240-251. Updated: September 26, 2007.

Harper, Sandra N. Strategies for Teaching Literature at the Undergraduate Level. The Modern Language Journal, Vol. 72, Number 4 (Winter, 1988), pp. 402-408.

Interlibrary Loan

Accessing journal articles not available at Kenyon:

Many journal titles indexed in these resources are not available at Kenyon or via electronic access. You need to place an Interlibrary loan request to get copies of these articles from other libraries. Estimated time for an item to arrive is at least 2 weeks.  Your first step is to estabish an ILIAD account, then type in the information on each item needed for your project.  The Interlibrary Loan office processes around five requests per week per patron, so consider which resources are your top priority before flooding the office with requests.

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