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Film Resources: Finding Film Reviews

Print and Electronic Review Sources

"Film reviews" and "film criticism" are sometimes used interchangeably; in this context, "reviews" are articles published in newspapers and an array of non-specialist publications (for example, in trade journals or magazines instead of peer-reviewed, scholarly journals) that typically include a synopsis of the film and commentary from the reviewer. Reviews are especially useful primary sources when studying how a film was received by audiences upon its release.

Film and Television Literature Index with Full Text Includes film & television theory, preservation & restoration, screenwriting, production, cinematography, technical aspects, and reviews; more than 380 publications, more than 120 journals, and 100 books. Also includes Variety movie reviews from 1914 to the present and over 36,300 images from the MPTV Image Archive.

Nexis Uni

  • Narrow your search to book, movie, music, play, and video reviews from major news sources.

New York Times Film Reviews (1913-1980) REF PN1995 .N4

  • There is an online archive of reviews from 1960 to the present at the NYT website (link below).

Variety Film Reviews (1907-1980) REF PN1995 .V34 1983

  • Recent reviews are also available at Variety's website (link below).

Film Review Index (1882-1985) REF PN1995 .F53 1986

Magill's Survey of Cinema and Cinema Annual

‚ÄčInternet Movie Database

Interlibrary Loan

Accessing journal articles not available at Kenyon:

Many journal titles indexed in these resources are not available at Kenyon or via electronic access. You need to place an Interlibrary loan request to get copies of these articles from other libraries. Estimated time for an item to arrive is at least 2 weeks.  Your first step is to estabish an ILIAD account, then type in the information on each item needed for your project.  The Interlibrary Loan office processes around five requests per week per patron, so consider which resources are your top priority before flooding the office with requests.

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