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Film Resources: Finding Films

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Finding Films

Here are a few of the ways to find films in CONSORT.

  • If you know the title, try a title search:
    • far from heaven
    • For foreign language films, you may need to search for the foreign-language title as well as the title in English.
  • If you're looking for films by a particular director or screenwriter, or starring a particular actor, try an author search:
    • godard, jean-luc
    • hepburn, audrey
  • You may limit your search to films with an advanced search by medium (especially useful for movies based on novels or plays):
    • Search for DVDs at Kenyon
    • Search for VHS at Kenyon

Videos and DVDs are housed in Multimedia Collections on the second floor and are subject to circulation and viewing policies.

Many OhioLINK libraries circulate their film collections.  Search OhioLINK via keyword, director or subject searches to access these materials.  If a title is listed as 'library use only' or 'local use only' then the them does not leave the home library.  Refer all requests for new materials to be added to the library collection by contacting your library liaison.

Many educational films and documentaries are available electronically from OhioLINK's Digital Resource Commons (DRC). 

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