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English Resources: Full-Text Poetry

Online Digital Collections

A sampling of poetry web sites & digital collections.

E-Book Collections

A sample list of the ebook collections of literature, other titles from the humanities, and more. To see all of our subscriptions, go to our guide of Primary Sources Guide on Ebooks/Ejournals

Columbia Granger's World of Poetry

Locates a poem in an anthology by author, title, subject, category, first line, last line, or keyword with full Boolean combined searching capability. It includes the complete text of 10,000 of the most anthologized public domain poems, 7,500 quotations from the most anthologized in-copyright poems, and indexes over 135,000 poems by more than 20,000 poets in more than 700 anthologies and more than 70 collected and selected works

Pre-20th Century

20th Century to Present