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Public Performance Rights (PPR) for Films at Kenyon: Distributors With Included PPR

Find answers here to your questions about public performance rights (PPR) for film screenings at Kenyon. You will find information about Kenyon-owned material, as well as information on other resources that may be available to you.


Most of the films on DVD for which Kenyon paid for public performance rights are distributed by the vendors listed in the next column. Others may be available, so you should always consult the CONSORT catalog for more information. Double check on the status of any film distributed through a vendor from whom we usually purchase PPR as there may be exceptions.


The library holds public performance rights for most of the films that it has purchased from the following distributors.  Please note that there may be exceptions amongst these; you should consult the CONSORT catalog for full details.

  • Ambrose Video
  • Annenberg Media (EXCEPTIONS: Art of the Western World (PBS), Americas series (PBS), Blue Planet series)
  • Berkeley Media
  • Bullfrog Films (EXCEPTION: "home use only" titles)
  • California Newsreel
  • Center for Asian American Media
  • Ciné Fète
  • Cinema Guild
  • Davidson Films
  • Direct Cinema
  • Documentary Educational Resources
  • Fanlight Productions (EXCEPTION: "home use only" titles)
  • Filmakers Library
  • Films Media Group
  • First Nations Films
  • Frameline
  • Icarus Films
  • Landmark Media
  • Media Education Foundation
  • New Day Films
  • Women Make Movies

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