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Public Performance Rights (PPR) for Films at Kenyon: Finding Films With PPR

Find answers here to your questions about public performance rights (PPR) for film screenings at Kenyon. You will find information about Kenyon-owned material, as well as information on other resources that may be available to you.


To locate films held by Kenyon on DVD with public performance rights included, search the CONSORT catalog. Using the advanced search option, search for "public performance rights for Kenyon" in the title field, and, if desired, select a subject to further narrow down results. Note that the library does not hold any feature films on DVD with public performance rights included; any DVDs in our collection including PPR are documentaries.

Kenyon provides access to several streaming video services, including Kanopy. Many films available to Kenyon patrons on Kanopy include PPR, and this will include some feature films. If you need to determine if a film on Kanopy includes PPR, look for the PPR logo in the film description. If you do not see the PPR logo in a film's description, the film is not licensed for a public screening. 

An example of a film description when PPR is included

In addition to Kanopy, Kenyon subscribes to several other video streaming databases. To determine if the films hosted there are licensed for a public screening, refer to the service's terms of use or contact Graham Coursey or other library staff.


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