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Reference Intern Program: Home



"Guidelines for Behavioral Performance of Reference and Information Service Providers." American Library Association, Reference and User Services (RUSA). June 2004.

Reference and Information Services: An Introduction. Bopp and Smith. Various editions.
   Ebook edition, 1995 (one user at a time)
   Print edition, 2011 (on course reserve)
   Copies also available via OhioLINK 

Employment Policies

Employment Contract

  1. You must be dependable, prompt, and reliable in attendance and work. Your primary responsibility at Reference is serving the Kenyon community. Therefore, you must arrive on time, sober, alert, and ready to work.
  2. Appropriate attire is to be worn while on duty.  This is a public service area and it is important to present oneself in a professional manner.
  3. If you are absolutely unable to be at work, it is your responsibility to obtain a substitute for your shift using the reference calendar and sending an email to the reference intern email list.  A reminder email to your sub is generally a good idea.
  4. All assigned shifts continue through October Break and exam week.  If you are planning to be away over October Break or are leaving early during exam week, then YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR FINDING A SUB.   
  5. You are expected to be productive during your shift. Reference patrons and assigned duties should always preclude personal course work. It’s fine to say hi to your friends as they pass the desk, but refrain from involved conversations. No group study sessions while on duty.
  6. Food is not permitted at the Reference desk. Beverages are allowed but only in containers with lids.
  7. Listening to music or watching videos is not allowed (with or without headphones).
  8. All patron information is confidential and may not be discussed or disclosed to anyone other than your immediate supervisor as necessary.
  9. These rules apply whether you are working a regular semester shift, a sub shift, or a temporary shift at the beginning or end of the semester.

Display Case Project Supplies

Most project supplies are stored on the bottom book shelf of the shelves behind the column (AKA the shelf with the wizard hat).

Supply box currently contains glue sticks, crayons, scissors, glitter glue.

On order: markers, puffypaint.

Construction paper is also available but will be stored in Julia's office (Olin 316). Let her know which colors you want, and she will leave it for you on the supply shelf at the desk.

  • 9"x12' colors currently availble: purple, brown, orange, dark blue, red, white, green, yellow, black, pink, gray/blue.
  • 12"x18" colors currently available: yellow, orange, pink, black, green, dark blue, light blue, white, brown. 

Finding Shift Subs

  1. Send an email to the listserv asking if anyone can swap or take your shift for you. 
  2. Once someone has agreed to take your shift, you must note the agreement on the Reference Calendar.
  3. When changing the calendar event, be sure to invite the sub to the calendar event.
  4. As a sub, you must accept the invitation.

You may make arrangments off of the list, but you must note all shift swaps on the calendar.