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Transnational Collaborative: Mission


The mission of the interdisciplinary Transnational Collaborative is to:

  • Build an academic community and long-term collaborative relationships across Kenyon College departments and programs by fostering an exchange of ideas centered on new themes and approaches to the topics of critical race theory, intersection theory, and transnational feminisms;
  • Create collaborative research and teaching opportunities that highlight the connections between the production of knowledge and social practice;
  • Engage scholars from various constituencies and areas of the globe in a dialogue about the interplay of multiple markers of oppression including gender, race, class, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, age, and ability;
  • Challenge the exclusion of feminism from transnational debates and of transnational debates from feminism;
  • Challenge students’ common preconceptions about First/Third world dichotomies; industrial, underdeveloped, or developing countries, Western/Non-Western women; globalization and modernization processes; pragmatic and strategic feminist interests; and the historical bases of privilege and power;
  • Promote a culture of conscientious engagement in social issues dealing with social justice on the Kenyon College campus.