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The Greenslade Special Collections and Archives houses Kenyon's rare books, literary manuscripts, photographs, newspapers, and College archives.



Kenyon Away, Kenyon at Home 
10/20/2017 - 1/8/2018

When Philander Chase decided to “take to the woods” and establish Kenyon College in the rural, isolated town of Gambier, he envisioned an institution with “a power as effectual as salutarya power, by right of soil, to prevent the evils which otherwise the best of collegiate laws cannot cure.” Through Gambier’s isolation, Chase sought to insulate his male theological students from the corrupting influences of the world beyond the college’s tree-lined perimeter. Kenyon would be a place apart, independent from urban centers, contemporary politics, and international conflict.

Throughout its history, though, Kenyon has resisted Chase’s conception of the college as an island entirely of itself. Chase himself traveled to England to entreat prominent lords, intellectuals, and religious figures to fund his seminary, and the school has hosted students from abroad since the middle of the nineteenth century. Kenyon’s president at the outbreak of the Civil War, Lorin Andrews, famously became one of the first men from Ohio to enlist in the Union Army. Throughout the second half of the nineteenth century, Chinese students from Shanghai attended Kenyon, and several went on to teach at missionary schools and government consulates in China. During both World Wars, the Alumni Bulletin ran obituaries for the students, faculty, and alumni killed in action. Even now, Leopoldo Lopez, class of 1993, is imprisoned for protesting against corruption in the Venezuelan government.

Perhaps the best articulation of this exhibit comes from one of its subjects. In his 1960 memoir about his year spent in Gambier, Junzō Shōno explains, “I intentionally gave the title Sojourn in Gambier for this book, because I have my own idea that we, all human beings, are sojourning in this world.” Each of the individuals chronicled here have sojourned, both at Kenyon and abroad. Even as the college has remained spatially rooted in Gambier for nearly two centuries, its historical and cultural positioning continues to evolve.

Curated by Liam Horsman '17 and Sarah Jensen '18. The exhibition is open to the public, free of charge,during regular hours in Greenslade Special Collections & Archives, Olin Library, Kenyon College



November 20: Closed

November 23-24: Closed

December 15: Fall Semester Ends

December 22-January 1: Closed

January 8: "Kenyon Away, Kenyon At Home" Exhibit Closes

January 12: "Winning the West With Words" Exhibit Opens

January 15: Spring Semester Begins



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