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Greenslade Special Collections and Archives: COVID-19 Project

The Greenslade Special Collections and Archives houses Kenyon's rare books, literary manuscripts, photographs, newspapers, and College archives.

COVID-19 Project

Submission Form

Kenyon's COVID-19 Story


At the end of World War I, when nations were recovering from a devastating conflict they also found themselves facing a pandemic. Now, a little over one hundred years later, we face something similar, but the world has changed exponentially. In another hundred years, the world will have changed more but maybe they too will experience a similar crisis. As we look back to the Spanish Flu Pandemic for ideas, inspiration, and understanding, what will that future generation look to?


They could look back to you.



The Kenyon College Special Collections and Archive wants to collect materials you are creating during this extraordinary time and tell the story of one community for future generations. Inspired by the Mass Observation project ( and the Coronavirus: Archive Your Story project at Indiana University (, we are looking to our community for submissions.


Your submission could be almost anything: a video diary, photographs, diary entries, something silly you made for friends and family, projects you did to pass the time, use your imagination! We will be collecting digital formats documenting your COVID-19 experience, you can find a list of acceptable file types in the Google form.



To submit, just fill out the Google form and attach your file, it’s that simple! We will ask for basic information about the creator and creation of the material (names, dates, locations, etc.) and ask you to agree to a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial-Share-Alike CC-BY-NC-SA license which allows others to remix, tweak, and build upon your work non-commercially, as long as they credit you and license their new creations under the identical terms (for details, go here:



Our goal with this project is to eventually create an online collection of materials documenting our community’s experience during the pandemic. Details of what that will eventually look like are still being discussed, but it will likely be a collection similar to our Special Collections and Archives materials already available in our Institutional Repository, known as Digital Kenyon, which you can view here:



We do intend for this to be a public project, so don’t share things you aren’t comfortable with the world knowing about.

Don’t worry about grammar, spelling, and perfection. We want an accurate picture of what our community is experiencing and how we are dealing with the pandemic.

Special Collections and Archives does reserve the right to reject submissions and submissions should be in adherence with Kenyon’s standards of conduct and rights and responsibilities.

If you have questions about the project, please email

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