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Dance Resources: Reference Resources

Reference Books in Olin

  • Concise Oxford Dictionary of Ballet  REF/GV/1585/K6313/1987
  • Contemporary Black Biography  REF/DT/18/C66 (each volume has cumulative subject, occupation and nationality indices, each article includes a small bibliography)
  • Dance Words  REF/GV/1585/P74/1995
  • Dictionary of the Middle Ages   REF/D/114/D5/1982 (includes several entries on medieval dance
  • Encyclopedia Latina  REF/E/184/S75/E587/2005 (use index in Vol. 4 to access materials)
  • Facts on File Encyclopedia of Black Women in America: Dance, Sports, & Visual Arts  REF/E/185.96/F2/1997/vol. 3
  • International Dictionary of Ballet   REF/GV/1585/I57/1993
  • International Encyclopedia of Dance   REF/GV/1585/I586/1998/V. 1-6
  • International Dictionary of Modern Dance  REF/GV/1585?I58/1998
  • World Ballet and Dance: An International Yearbook    REF/GV/1787/W67