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Scholarly Articles

Scholarly Journals Popular Magazines

Literature and History
Modern Fiction Studies

World Literature Today

Sports Illustrated

Intended for academic audience, vetted by field experts Intended for general audience
In-depth analysis Broad coverage
Footnotes, endnotes, bibliographies Little, if any, citations

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Journal Articles

Search for journal articles and more using these suggested databases. If you aren't finding what you need for your assignment, make an appointment with me or stop by the reference desk for further assistance. LBIS provides access to over 200 research databases.

The CONSORT and OhioLINK catalogs do not contain information about individual articles published in journals. However, if you have a citation to a journal article--the author's name, the title of the article, the title of the journal, and the date or volume/issue number--you can search by journal title to determine if the library has the journal in print, electronically, or in microfilm.

To search for articles on your topic, use an index or database. In many cases, you can get the full text of the article by following a link from the database. If you're searching in an index without links to full-text articles, you'll need to search by journal title in CONSORT as described in the above paragraph. 

Search Tips:

  • Come up with good keywords: Consider synonyms, alternate spellings, and other similar ways to find terms related to your topic.
  • Look for subject headings: Most databases will include their own subject headings. When you find a relevant article, click on subject (heading), or refine your search to include both a subject (heading) and keywords, to find similar articles.
  • Set reasonable limits: Be careful not to set too many limits, especially if you are just beginning your research. Extremely narrow search will rarely lead you to the "perfect article."
  • Use bibliographies: If you do find the perfect article (or essay in a reference work, or a relevant book on your topic) check out the bibliography, and then search for some of these resources.

Finding Books

Use CONSORT, the shared catalog of Kenyon, Denison, Ohio Wesleyan, and Wooster, to find relevant books. 

1. Author search: Locate books, poems, plays, etc. by a particular author: Walcott, Derek

2. Title search: Locate a specific work by an author: God of Small Things

3. Keyword search:

When searching for literary criticism, consider using subject headings for more precise results. If a keyword search leads to a book that seems promising, click on the subject heading links at the bottom of the record to see similar items. You can also select "subject heading" in the "search by" box and try the following:

You can also search the OhioLINK catalog, which contains the holdings of most academic and a few public libraries across Ohio. 

Library Catalogs

Search our library catalogs using Keywords, for Titles of books and journals, or for Authors of books and essays. The library catalog is a list of books, journal titles, videos and more. The catalog does not list journal articles. 

Subject Guide

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