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Law and Society Resources: Primary Legal Research

A guide to resources for students in Kenyon's Program in Law and Society


When performing legal research, it is usually necessary to have greater detail regarding the kind of law for which one is looking. There are generally three types of law as classified by the governmental body that produces it. Case law, or court opinions, are produced by a judiciary, usually as a result of litigation between two parties. Legislation, or statutory law, is the law produced by a government on behalf of its populace as is the case in the United States with the House of Representatives and Senate. Administrative law, or executive law, is that which is produced either directly or indirectly by the office representing a head of state. In addition to the type of law, one also needs to know the jurisdiction governing the law of a subject as all three types of law may be produced at the federal, state, or local levels. The annotated links below attempt to provide useful resources for locating all types of law at each jurisdiction.

Federal & State Law

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Local & Municipal Law

Foreign & International Law

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