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HIST 331: Europe Between the Wars: Class Assignment

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Research Paper

All students will also complete a research paper (12-15 pages) on a topic of their choice. Papers should utilize both primary and secondary sources and make a clearly stated argument. Throughout the semester we will work together on this project and go through the various stages of writing together. Graded parts of this project include: an annotated bibliography, an outline, a first draft, workshopping, and the final paper. In addition to a grade on your own work, you will also receive a grade on your critiques of your peers.

Research Paper:
Annotated Bibliography and Outline: 10%
First Draft: 15%
Workshopping: 5%
Final Draft: 25%

Final paper due December 17, 2012 at 5:00pm

Lenin and Stalin

1922. Image from AP Images.

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Depending on your project, Be sure to look at Kenyon's list of Research Guides by Subject.

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