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HIST 132: Modern Europe: Library Assignment

Library and other resources related to the study of modern Europe.

Collector’s Album Assignment -- Final Due Date: IN CLASS Friday, April 29

Include the required items relating to your chosen location (town or region) within Europe.  All items (where not specified) are to be from the era 1780-2015 (approx. start and end dates).  A complete album will have a total of twelve components.  All sources must be properly cited for each item!

Section F is due Friday, March 4th!

Section G is due Friday, April 29!

Start your research early.  Many of the resources you need will have to be ordered from other CONSORT and OhioLINK Libraries. 

A. Location: Two (out of three) required.

1.      Any map of Europe (our quiz map is fine) with your location clearly marked.
2.      A local map of your location dating from 1780-1900 (note the dates!).
3.      A painting showing the appearance of the place (architecture, landscape, street scene), from the years 1780-1900 (note the dates!).

B. Statistics, Sovereignty and subjects: Two (out of four) required.

1.      The population of the place in 1800, 1900, and 2000 (dates can be approximate if census years or data are from nearby years).
2.      A constitution that governed your place sometime from 1780-2015.
3.      A peace treaty or other international legal document signed in your location or determining the legal status of your place.
4.      Results of two different elections held in your location (anytime 1790-2015).

C. Nationalism and Nation-Building: Two (out of four)

1.      A document, image, or work of art from your place from the era of the Wars of the French Revolution relating to these events (1790-1815).
2.      A pamphlet, speech, or work of art representing a nationalist movement in your location, 1790-1945 (this can be reprinted or translated, or can be in original language).
3.      A biography or memoir of a major nationalist leader in your place (include copy of title page and table of contents).
4.      A map or table showing ethnic, linguistic, or other “national” statistics for your place (anytime from 1780-1945, no later!).

D. Industry, Trade and Work: One (out of three) required.

1.      Statistics showing industrial output of your place at two different points in time between 1780 and 2015.
2.      An image (painting, photo) showing a factory, industrial facility, or workers in your location in the era before 1960.
3.      An artifact or object produced in your location (include a picture of the object) from a museum or archival collection (can be an online exhibition).

E. The Local is Global: Two pairs (out of six) required. Each pair must include one article from the nineteenth and one from the twentieth centuries!

1.      A pair of articles about your place from The New York Times.
2.      A pair of articles about your place from The Times of London.
3.      A pair of articles about your place from The Times of India.
4.      A pair of articles about your place from a local newspaper.
5.      A pair of articles about your place from a foreign newspaper.
6.      Tourism pair: the official government website of your place and a guidebook to your place published elsewhere (since the website is twentieth century or later, the guidebook must have been published in the nineteenth century).

F. Technology, Art and the Eve of War: new societies, new cities: One (out of two) required.

This section will be presented in class on Friday, March 4th!  NOTE: this section will include a one-page handout (bring copies for the whole class – 22), whose exact format I will post as a template on Moodle.  These handouts will hopefully construct our “Periodic Table of European History” to decorate our classroom.

1.      Information about the introduction of a new technology to your locality during the era of the First World War (approx. 1890s to 1930s).
2.      New art, new societies: Information about art, artistic movements, or social/political movements in your city (approx. 1890s to 1930s).

G. Contemporary Europe: major concerns and issues: One (out of two) required.

This section will be presented in class on Friday, April 29!

1.      Use data from the following websites to present on an important contemporary issue for your place: UN, EU, Transparency International, Human Rights Watch.
2.      Using Lexis-Nexis or another library database do a media search for your place and find at least three articles about a single contemporary issue (so you know it is important).

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