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Kenyon College


KAP: Introduction to the Kenyon College Library and Its Resources: Book Series

Oxford History of the United States Series

Electronic titles may require access from Kenyon Campus.  The titles at Kenyon are in our main stacks.

Herring, George C. From colony to superpower : U.S. foreign relations since 1776.   [electronic resource] New York : Oxford University Press, 2008.

Howe, Daniel W. What hath God wrought : the transformation of America, 1815-1848 [electronic resource] New York : Oxford University Press, 2007.

Kennedy, David M. Freedom from fear : the American people in depression and war, 1929-1945[electronic resource] New York : Oxford University Press, 1999.
Also available in print Call Number: E 173 .O94 v.9 (Denison copy currently on loan to Kenyon)

McPherson, James M. Battle cry of freedom: the Civil War era.  [electronic resource] New York : Oxford University Press, 1988.

Middlekauff, Robert. The glorious cause : the American Revolution, 1763-1789Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2005
Call Number: E 173 .O94 2005

Patterson, James T. Grand expectations : the United States, 1945-1974[electronic resource access limited to one user at a time] New York : Oxford University Press, 1996.

-----. Restless giant : the United States from Watergate to Bush v. Gore. [electronic resource]  New York : Oxford University Press, c2005. 

Also available in print Call Number: E 839 .P38 2005 (Denison copy currently on loan to Kenyon)

Wood, Gordon S. Empire of liberty a history of the early Republic, 1789-1815[electronic resource] New York : Oxford University Press, 2009.

Defining Moments Series

These books are in Kenyon's main stacks.

Becker, Peggy Daniels. Japanese-American Internment during World War II. Detroit, MI: Omnigraphics, 2014.
Call Numer: D 769.8.A6 B43 2013

Gruenberg, Leif A. The Korean WarDetroit, MI : Omnigraphics, c2004.
Call Number: D S918 .G784 2004

Harris, Laurie L. The great migration north, 1910-1970. Detroit, MI: Omnigraphics, c2012.
Call Number:  E 185.6 .H27 2012 

Hill, Jeff. Prohibition. Detroit, MI: Omnigraphics, c2004.
Call Number: HV 5089 .H53 2004

_____. Women's suffrage. Detroit, MI: Omnigraphics, c2006.
Call Number: JK 1896 .H54 2006

_____. WPA : Putting America to Work. Detroit, MI: Omnigraphics, 2014.
Call Number: HD 5713.6.U54 H54 2014

Hillstrom, Kevin. American Indian removal and the trail to Wounded Knee. Detroit, MI: Omnigraphics, c2010.
Call Number: E 98.R4 H55 2010

_____. Battle of Gettysburg. Detroit, MI: Omnigraphics, 2013.
Call Number: E475.53 .H56 2013

_____. The Dream of America: Immigration 1870-1920Detroit : Omnigraphics, c2009.
Call Number: JV 6453 .H56 2009

_____. The Great Depression and the New DealDetroit: Omnigraphics, Inc., c2009.
Call Number: E 806 .H555 2009

_____. The Harlem renaissanceDetroit, MI : Omnigraphics, c2008.
Call Number: NX512.3.A35 H55 2008

_____. McCarthyism and the Communist threatDetroit, MI : Omnigraphics, 2011.
Call Number: E 743.5 H53 2011

_____. The September 11 terrorist attacks. Detroit, MI: Omnigraphics, 2013.
Call Number: HV 6432.7 .H534 2012

_____. Workers unite! : the American labor movement. Detroit, MI : Omnigraphics, c2011. 
Call Number: HD 8066 .H55 2011.

_____. World War I and the age of modern warfare. Detroit, MI: Omnigraphics, 2013.
Call Number: D 521 .H44 2013

_____. The Zoot Suit Riots. Detroit, MI: Omnigraphics, c2013.
Call Number:  F869.L89 M447 2013  

Hillstrom, Kevin and Laurie Hillstrom. The Spanish-American WarDetroit, MI: Omnigraphics, c2012.
Call Number: E715 .H59 2012

_____. WoodstockDetroit, MI : Omnigraphics, c2013.
Call Number: ML 38.B43 W64 2013

Hillstrom, Laurie C. The attack on Pearl Harbor. Detroit, MI: Omnigraphics, c2009.
Call Number: D 767.92 .H536 2009

_____. Jackie Robinson and the integration of baseball. Detroit, MI: Omnigraphics, Inc., 2013.
Call Number: GV 865.R6 H55 2013  

_____. Plessy v. Ferguson. Detroit, MI: Omnigraphics, 2014.
Call Number: KF 223 .P56 H55 2014

_____. Roe v. WadeDetroit, MI : Omnigraphics, c2008.
Call Number: HQ 767.5.U5 H55 2008

_____. The muckrakers and the Progressive Era.  Detroit, MI: Omnigraphics, Inc., 2009.
Electronic Resource you will be required to enter your name and barcode if you are off campus

_____. The underground railroad. Detroit, MI: Omnigraphics, 2015
Call Number: E 450 H633 2015

_____. The voting rights act of 1965Detroit, MI: Omnigraphics, c2009.
Call Number: JK 1924 .H55 2009

Johnson, Anne Janette. The Scopes "Monkey Trial"Detroit, MI : Omnigraphics, c2007.
Call Number: KF 224.S3 J64 2007

Pendergast, Tom. The Vietnam WarDetroit, MI: Omnigraphics, c2007.
Call Number: DS 558 .P45 2007

Telgen, Diane. Brown v. Board of Education. Detroit, MI : Omnigraphics, c2005.
Call Number: KF4155 .T45 2005

_____. The Gilded AgeDetroit, MI: Omnigraphics, 2012.
Call Number: E 661 .T45 2012

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