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KAP: Introduction to the Kenyon College Library and Its Resources: Reference Resources

Reference Books at Kenyon

Reference works are a good place to begin your research. They can provide a quick overview of a topic and are useful for developing a list of keywords that will help you when searching library catalogs as well as article indexes and databases. The following is a selective list of reference works in Kenyon's collection:

  • The American Heritage Encyclopedia of American History 
    Call Number: KEN REF E174 .A535 1998
    This encyclopedia contains brief entries for nearly 3,000 events and people in United States history. Some entries include additional bibliographic information.

  • The Reader's Companion to American History
    Call Number: KEN REF E174 .R43 1991
    Provides entries which are generally one-half page or longer. Signed entries also include bibliographical information. It also includes cross-references to other relevant entries and a detailed index.

  • Readers Guide to American History
    Call Number: KEN REF E178 .R43 1997
    Contains brief articles on a variety of topics and people in United States history. Each article is preceded by a brief bibliography for further reading on the topic.

  • The Reader's companion to American history (electronic link)
  • United States History: A Selective Guide to Information Sources
    Call Number: KEN REF E178 .B57 1994
    Provides listings of various types of reference resources useful in researching United States history. It also contains some sections on specific areas and eras of history.

  • Atlas of American history 
    Call Number: KEN REF E179.5 .N37 2007
    Contains maps of  "the American people from the earliest peoples inhabiting the North American continent to the present day" (p. 1).  Many maps and charts illustrate the social and political history of the United States, unrepresented racial and gender groups and give context to military campaigns and social movements.


Electronic Reference Works

Electronic titles may require access from Kenyon Campus.

Salem Press Histories of the Twentieth Century Series

The Salem Press published a very nice set of three-volume sets of life in the United States divided into decades.  These are accessible in the Library's Reference collection and are a great resource to begin research the social life and customs of a time period.

The Twenties in America 
Call Number:KEN REF E 169.12 .I42 1920-29

The Thirties in America 
Call Number: KEN REF E 169.12 .I42 1930-39

The Fourties in America 
Call Number: KEN REF E 169.12 .I42 1940-49

The Fifties in America
Call Number: KEN REF E 169.12 .I42 1950-59

The Sixites in America 
Call Number: KEN REF E 169.12 .I42 1960-69

The Seventies in America 
Call Number: KEN REF E 169.12 .I42 1970-79

The Eighties in America 
Call Number: KEN REF E 169.12 .I42 1980-89

The Nineties in America 
Call Number: KEN REF E 169.12 .I42 1990-99

The 2000's in America
Call Number: KEN REF E169.12 .I42 2000- 2009

The volumes The Fifties in America through The Nineties in America are also available online through the links above.  Online access is limited to the Kenyon community (ID number may be requested if you log in off campus)..

Additional Salem Press titles in American History:

Immigration in U.S. history 
Call Number:  KEN REF  JV6450 .I565 2006


Specific Reference Resources

We have many reference books on topics such as:

The American Revolution

The Civil War

The Great War (aka: World War I)

World War II

The Korean War

The McCarthy Era


African Americans

Latino/a Americans

Native Americans

History of American Women

American Presidencies (including a link to the American Presidency Project)

All of these resources are the second floor of the Library, in our reference collection.  The majority of the books are found in the Call Numbers D through E.

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