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Art History Renaissance to Baroque Resources: Iconography

Classical Iconographies

Classical myths and legends in the Middle Ages and Renaissance : a dictionary of allegorical meanings.  REF/PN/669/B78/1998

Dictionary of pictorial subjects from classical literature : a guide to their identification in works of art.  REF/N/7760/P68/1983

Gods and heroes of classical antiquity.  REF/N/7760/A34/1996

Mythological and classical world art index : a locator of paintings, sculptures, frescoes, manuscript illuminations, sketches, woodcuts, and engravings executed 1200 B.C. to A.D. 1900  REF/N/7760/R63/1991

Animal Iconographies

Religious Iconographies

Angels and demons in art  REF/N/8090/G5513/2005

Christian symbols  REF/N/7831/K613/1996

Oxford companion to Christian art and architecture  REF/N/7830/M87/1996

Post-Biblical saints art index : a locator of paintings, sculptures, mosaics, icons, frescoes, manuscript illuminations, sketches, woodcuts, and engravings, created from the 4th century to 1950  REF/N/8079.5/R63/1994

Saints and their symbols.  REF/ND/1430/G55313/2012

Seeable signs the iconography of the seven sacraments, 1350-1544 [electronic resource]

General Iconographies

Cooperative Digital Resources Initiative [electronic resource]

Baroque and Rococo pictorial imagery. The 1758-60 Hertel edition of Ripa's 'Iconologia'  REF/N/7740/R515/1971

Book of codes: understanding the world of hidden messages: an illustrated guide to signs, symbols, ciphers, and secret languages  REF/Z103/B66/2009

Dictionary of subjects and symbols in art.  REF/N/7560/H34/2008

Dictionary of symbols in Western art  REF/N/7740/C29/1995

Encyclopedia of comparative iconography: themes depicted in works of art.  REF/N/7565/E53/1998 vol. 1-2

Historical art index, A.D. 400-1650 : people, places, and events depicted  REF/N/8210/R6/1989

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