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INST 201: The Expansion of International Society - Prof. Volz: Assignment

Research Paper

Research proposal and annotated bibliography due: Tuesday November 10th

Final paper due: Thursday December 17th by 5pm, turn into Prof. Volz's office


The objective of this assignment is to study a particular aspect of globalization in one country or region of the world, analyzing how people in that area have been affected by recent intensified engagement with other parts of the world. In doing so, the emphasis should be on the details, context and significance of the case study, but the analysis should also incorporate relevant ideas and information from the assigned readings in Unit Three.


The topic for the paper should be from the region where you hope to study off-campus next year. It should also be both broad enough to have sufficient scholarship to draw upon and narrow enough to be adequately examined within the length of the paper. You should choose the topic in consultation with Prof. Volz and submit a proposal and annotated bibliography before proceeding with most of your research and writing. The proposal should be a short paragraph explaining the location, nature and scope of the topic and what questions you hope to answer in the course of the paper. The bibliography should list at least 8 different sources that you plan to use in your research, such as books, book chapters, journal articles, U.N. reports, databases, newspaper stories, etc., and include one or two sentences describing the value of each source for your proposed research. You are encouraged to consult with Carmen King at LBIS and the International Studies research guide webpage in your search for sources. 


The paper should be 10-12 pages long, typed, double-spaced, stapled and preferably printed on both sides of each page. No title page is necessary, but the student’s name, date the paper is turned in, professor’s name, name of the class, and paper title should be printed at the top of the first page. Footnotes should be used when a quote is made from a source or when a notable idea or significant piece of information is attributed to a certain source. However, any information and ideas that are generally accepted or widely known do not require citation. For citations, use the Chicago-style “notes-bibliography” format described in Kate Turabian, A Manual for Writers (8th edition), chapters 16 and 17. Include a bibliography at the end of the paper.

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