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Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan requests, for journal articles or books not in Consort or Ohiolink, may be filled out using our online form, if you need assistance filling out the form based on a citation you found or have a question about a journal abbreviation, etc. just stop by the information desk for assistance.  Everyone has to create an ILIAD account to submit an Interlibrary Loan requests.  Select a password which is easy to remember, however it should not be the same as your network or email account.

Writing and Citing

Style guides are available at the Reference Desk.  Please feel free to locate a style guide from the kiosk if a librarian is not at the desk to assist you.  In addition, Kenyon subscribes to the citation software RefWorks, a software tool to help you organize and generate bibliographies.

Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations, Eighth Edition: Chicago Style for Students and Researchers - Kate Turabian 
Call Number: KEN Infodesk LB2369 .T8 2013

Primary versus Secondary Sources

Primary sources vary from one discipline to another. In general, primary sources might include diaries, correspondence, census data, newspaper articles written at the time of an event being studied, or government legislation. While secondary sources analyze or interpret an event, primary sources provide the raw materials for scholarship.  Most often secondary sources are books (also called monographs) and scholarly journal articles.

Finding Books and Films at Kenyon and Through our Consortia

In general you should conduct keyword searches in CONSORT's advanced search option.  Using an author's last name (if known) and a word from the title of the book or adapting keywords related to your research topic you may design a search with important terms.  You may narrow the scope of your search by selecting the option to look for only books, specify a date range for the publication, language, etc.  For example, if a class discussion focused on the topic 'Aids in Haiti' you might create a search strategy in CONSORT for for books using in the following KEYWORD pattern:

Haiti AND aids with the publication date of after 2010 and limited to English language materials results in 28 'hits' in CONSORT.

Including the name of an author in your keyword search will narrow your results list: farmer and Haiti and aids

A primary source search might also be developed using keywords: (in the following search I chose to find materials written by a doctor who experienced the Aids epidemic on the front lines):

Haiti AND aids AND physician* 

NOTE: I did not specify publication date.  And alternatively, I could have used 'memoir', 'diary' or 'diaries' instead of physician.

If the CONSORT copy was unavailable (either checked out, missing or on course reserve for on of the libraries) I would check OhioLINK, using the same search and by clicking the red 'Ohiolink' search button in the top row of options:

Haiti AND aids AND phyician* 

NOTE: CONSORT e-books are not in the OhioLINK central catalog.

Also note the following if you decide to do author, title or subject searches in the CONSORT or OhioLink catalog: for authors, you must have the correct spelling of the author's last name.  Foreign names are often tricky and you may speak with a librarian if you have a problem with an author's last name.  If you wish to search only by the title of the book, please be sure you know the correct title.

Books owned by other CONSORTlibraries may be requested and will be sent here in 4-6 working days. If you cannot locate materials on your subject or all of the CONSORT copies are checked out, you should search the OhioLink online card catalog for additional materials. Books, and some bound volumes of journals, may be requested from the OhioLink catalog using your barcode on the back of your student ID.  OhioLink materials usually arrive within a week of your initial request for the materials.  Consult with a librarian if you have a question.

Many documentaries are available through CONSORT and OhioLINK.  It is possible to refine your searches with one additional step to locate these films. After running your initial search select the 'limit/sort' or 'modify search' button at the top of the search screen and then click on the 'projected medium'  option.  In most instances you should not limit to only DVD format, instead you should select 'either' as this will locate DVD's and 1/2 inch VHS tapes.   The Multimedia Collections Room in the library has carrels which will allow you to watch 1/2 inch VHS tapes and any materials in PAL (foreign) DVD format. 

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