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HIST 262 Japan to 1850: Home

Things to be careful about

Be sure to arrange your entries in proper bibliographical order and format.  If you use the Refworks software, be sure to check your citation for correct form.

Bibliographic Style Guides

Many different style guides are available at the Reference Desk.

Citation Software

Research Paper Guidelines

The paper is due Dec. 17, by 9 pm, uploaded to Moodle.

  1. Select a topic in consultation with Professor Dunnell by Nov. 12.  Frame it in terms of a question that you want to explore through a specific framework (in time, space, medium, genre, etc.) relevant to the historical issues explored in class.
  2. Bring your topic/question and a relevant secondary source citation from a class reading (see below) to the Research Workshop in class on Nov. 20;  you will start compiling a bibliography, which you will annotate.
  3. Choose three of your main sources (at least two secondary studies) and write a historiographical essay that develops an argument by analyzing those sources.   This assignment does not suppose that you will use all of the sources on your bibliography or provide an exhaustive answer to your question.  Think of it as a proposal for a longer research project.

What is meant by 'Annotated Bibliography':  a minimum of ten (10) entries as described below; you may and are encouraged to include more than the minimum. 

  1. One book (or article) identified in a citation from a class reading, found in a footnote, bibliography, list of suggested readings, etc. This should be a secondary source, or work produced by a modern scholar on the topic.  Be sure to include Japan Emerging, all chapters, in your search.
  1. At least two other books or monographs on subjects specific to your topic (not general histories); if you use a collection of essays, be sure to cite the author & chapter/s on your subject.  Altogether you should have at least 3 books.   These are secondary sources.
  1. Three articles (two, if your entry citation, #1 above, is an article) published in peer-reviewed journals found in the library or in an electronic database such as JSTOR.  These too are secondary sources.  The articles should be written by at least two different authors, and at least one should be recent (within last 10-15 years).
  1. At least four primary sources, not more than one of which has been assigned for this class.  Primary sources may come from the document collections in which those assigned to class were excerpted (see Course Reserves).  Each such collection (or art catalogue, e.g.) counts as one source. At least two of the primary sources must be referred to or used by the authors of your secondary sources, even if one of those sources remains inaccessible to you because of language (in Japanese) or location (in a distant library or museum). 

Annotations (single-spaced) to each entry in your bibliography should: 

1) explain where and how you found or identified the title/source;  

2) describe its nature and contents;  identify your primary sources!

3) explain how it relates to the other entries in the bibliography and how or whether the other authors use it; 

4) specify how or what it contributes to your project. 

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