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Research Strategies

Whether you are researching your topic in a library catalog or a journal database your strategy should be the same, focus on scholarly literature and primary sources (if available)..  You need to know the correct spelling of your artist's name, title of the artwork in both English and the original language, genre, and date of creation.  Primary sources, materials written at the time an artwork was created or during the life of an artist may be an appendix of a biography on an artist or a catalog of his/her complete works.  Not all primary sources are translated from the artists original language.

For example in this guide I have selected Edouard Manet's painting  "Dejeuner sur l'herbe" (you may find this sometimes referred to as "Luncheon on the Grass", but not in academic scholarship).

As a subject search, I may search for Manet in library catalogs and journal databases:  manet, edouard 

If I decide to see about books which focus on the painting I would try a keyword search:  manet AND dejeuner

My keyword search strategy may also involve words such as 'criticism', 'interpretation', or 'analysis' instead of the specific title of an artwork:

A search for primary sources may use terms such as 'document*', 'letter*', 'correspondence", 

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